5 Holiday Tips for People with Pets

5 Holiday Tips for People with Pets
Perhaps you’re dreaming of a beachside holiday with a few cheeky margaritas? Maybe your plan is to escape the Perth heat and head to the snow? Planning a vacation can definitely help keep you motivated throughout the year and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like poring over travel magazines and dreaming of foreign destinations?
As you allow yourself to dream your heart skips a beat as reality dawns on you. Who is going to look after your dog whilst you are away? Can you trust that he will be in safe hands?

We’ve put together our top 5 Tips on what to do with your pets when you go on holiday

1. Pet Sitting

There are plenty of pet sitting websites around (such as Paw Shake) that give you the flexibility of arranging someone to visit your home daily to check on your dog. Prices and services vary from person to person. My biggest tip when utilising such services is to ensure you ask for a Police Clearance before providing any personal information, such as dates of travel.
Pros: Dogs get to stay in familiar environment
Cons: Lengthy unattended periods for your pet & you may not be comfortable giving strangers access to your yard. 

2. In Home Pet Boarding

Having someone come to your home offers a few benefits. For instance, your pets can stay in familiar surroundings and there is the added security of having your otherwise empty home look lived in. A great website to check out is Mad Paws.  This website allows you to search the Perth area for house sitters and you will find everyone from Uni students to Veterinary Nurses offering an array of services. Be sure to ask for a Police Clearance before giving out too many details about your trip. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to meet potential boarders away from your home first. Make sure you trust your instincts and select someone who you think will fit your home environment and your dog’s personality.
Pros: Someone keeps and eye on your house for you whilst you are away
Cons: Having a stranger in your home. (yes, it’s duplicitous)  

3. Family Friend or Neighbour

A budget friendly option if you have trusted friends or neighbours who you feel comfortable calling on. A number of things to consider: will your dog be left inside overnight, how many times a day is your friend / neighbour attend your home? Are they happy to clean up the yard / home of droppings? Maybe they will be happy to have your dog stay with them? If your dog is going to be left at your home alone, consider whether your dog is prone to barking or suffers with separation anxiety. 
Pros: Budget Friendly
Cons: Asking the neighbours to clean the yard of dog droppings

4. Take him with you!

There are certain holidays you can do, where your dog will be welcome. I love the amount of information you can find online and there are some wonderful Australian Facebook Groups that offer lots of great advice. Camping is a great pooch friendly option, but that’s not to say other more glamorous holidays are out of the question. 
Here are a few of my favourites
In contrast to the other suggestions, this option will require planning, and you will need to contact tourist attractions and campsites / caravan parks to ascertain if your dog will be welcome.
Pros: You get to travel with your best buddy
Cons: Dogs will be denied entry into National Parks and some caravan parks won’t allow them at all. Don’t be caught out, check in advance.

5. Boarding Kennels

Personally I will always chose kennels as my priority when I’m away is to ensure my dogs are safe and secure in a facility I trust. I worry about them escaping and getting out on to the road and mostly I worry about them annoying the neighbours by barking constantly. Boarding kennels will never be a replacement ‘home’ for my dogs. However, I know that they are safe and secure and I can enjoy my holiday knowing that they will not come to any harm.
A facility such as Serenity Pet Resort, offers a wonderful alternative for people who want the best for their dogs whilst they are away. Our kennels have an on-call Veterinarian,  permanent vet nurses as part of our kennel staff and your dog will be looked after like he’s one of our own.
You can check out our gallery here
Serenity Pet Resort is conveniently located in Southern River and your dog will be surrounded by other canine friends to keep him company. The kennels are brand new, architecturally designed for Perth’s weather and we like to think that they are the best in WA. 
Whatever you chose to do, make sure your dog is left in a safe environment with someone prepared to look over him a minimum of twice a day.